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Natural wedding confetti
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Dried hops & Hop pillows
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Dried lavender and many other dried flowers - find your way round our site

Daisy Gifts Ltd secure online shop has hundreds of fragranced items to choose from. We specialise in dried flowers & botanicals such as dried lavender, lavender bags, rose petals and buds, wedding favours and home fragrance products.

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Lavender Products
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Lavender bunch (dried)
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Lavender essential oil
Lavender home fragrance
Lavender potpourri
Culinary lavender
Cooking lavender (dried)
Dried edible lavender
Culinary lavender (dried lavender for cooking)
Dried hops   |   Dried lavender & hop pillows

Rose & Wedding
Dried rose petal
Dried rose bud
Wedding favour
Natural wedding confetti
Petal mixes

Confetti cones
Table confetti
Dried flowers & botanicals Overview
More Dried flowers
Home Fragrance
Pot pourri selection
Fragrance oil
Room spray
Scented wooden balls
Hassett Green
Christmas Gifts and Decorations
Christmas Gift ideas
Christmas Decorations
Christmas wreaths
Christmas Home Fragrance
Christmas potpourri
Christmas pot pourri
Christmas fragrance oil
Christmas room spray
Christmas scented candle
Cinnamon fragrance
Celebrate fragrance
Fruity Orange home fragrance
Spiced Apple home fragrance
Christmas potpourri making
Orange slice
Dried orange
Cinnamon stick
Christmas spice
Dried rose hip
Dried chillies
Christmas potpourri recipe
Christmas craft
Lavender gift
Valentines Day
Mothers Day
Handmade soap
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Dried lavender wholesale
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