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Dried Lavender Wholesale Selection

Wholesale dried lavender loose to buy online at Daisy Gifts Ltd. We are able to supply 1 Kg to 10 Kilo packs of highly fragrant lavender in bulk to trade and non trade customers. The more you wholesale dried lavender you buy the better the price! If you are looking for larger quantities than those shown, please contact us for a good price.

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Online catalogue

dried lavender wholesale 1KgStandard dried lavender wholesale, sold by the kilo, supplied in clear plastic bags. Perfect for making lavender bags and other crafts.
Highly fragrant Lavandula X Intermedia Grosso variety.

Sizes available: 

1Kg (the size of a football)

(full sturdy sack)

Looking for larger quantities? Just e-mail sales@daisygifts.co.uk for a good price.

The above wholesale dried lavender is highly fragrant due to its high essential oil content.
It comes from Provence, and is perfect for lavender bags and other home crafts.

Organic dried lavender Lavandula X Intermedia
Certified organic lavender in kilo, 5Kg and 10 Kg packs at a slightly higher price than our standard fragrant variety.


dried lavender wholesale, blueLavender Blue - when colour is important.
A pale blue lavender, another variety of Lavandula X Intermedia.
Pack size and price similar to organic. The light blue grains are best for wedding confetti and have a softer fragrance than the other flowers.

Also selling wholesale lavender bunches
and wholesale lavender bags
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Rose petal confetti wholesale
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Buying dried lavender wholesale

PLEASE NOTE We no longer have a separate wholesale lavender price list. We have merged our retail and wholesale lists with a price scale which gets significantly cheaper the more you buy. So if you are a trade buyer, just look for the bulk packs - VAT is included..

To buy our dried lavender wholesale and bulk packs, just click on the Enter Shop link above to visit our online shop at daisyshop.co.uk where you can browse our range and pay securely.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa debit and PayPal.

“Thank you - my package arrived safely today smelling gorgeous :-) ”
S.R., Swansea

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Bulk packs of
UK lavender and
UK culinary lavender
now available.

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