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Dried lavender for schools

dried lavenderDried lavender is becoming more and more popular and we have had many enquiries from schools.

If you are a school, you can order our dried lavender (or other products) against a County Council order posted to:

Daisy Gifts Ltd
1 Sutton Drove Cottages
Sutton Drove
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 (Don’t forget to add our standard UK delivery charge, and please include the contact details of the individual placing the order in case of any queries.)

Or email it to sales@daisygifts.co.uk

Project ideas with dried lavender

We have dealt with many schools recently who were using dried lavender to make their own potpourri and lavender bags.

Dried lavender is often tied in with hands on history projects, particularly the medieval and Tudor periods. This is because in times past, it was not possible to keep homes and bodies quite as fresh as they are today, and many people used potpourri and lavender bags to improve their environment. They have been very popular right up to Victorian times, and are currently experiencing a resurgence as people become more interested in home crafts.

Simple projects for primary school children might involve cutting a circle of scrap fabric about 9” (25cm) diameter, filling with a handful of dried lavender (about 15-20g), and tying with a ribbon. This will provide a lovely fragrant gift which could tie in with Mothers Day, or history lessons or to sell for fundraising. If you use our fragrant dried lavender, no other ingredients are needed.

Older children may be able to sew their own drawstring bags. A rectangular bag 10x12cm will hold about 25g of dried lavender.

A simple traditional potpourri can be made using equal quantities of dried lavender and rose buds. Some people add a few drops of rose fragrance oil to balance the fragrance, but we recommend that this is omitted for primary school children, or perhaps this stage could be carried out by an adult. Please feel free to contact us for more guidance.

Older children could experiment with various other dried flowers & botanicals: cinnamon sticks for Christmas, orange slices for the kitchen, chamomile to soothe.

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S.R., Swansea

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Top 3 dried lavender uses in schools

1. Make into lavender bags for fundraising.
2. Mothers Day projects.
3. Key Stage 2 Tudors project - nosegays and strewing herbs.

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