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Dried Flowers and Botanicals

Dried flowers and botanicals at Daisy Gifts Ltd are available loose in a selection of weights, plus stems and bunches for floristry. We have many flowers to choose from: as well as dried lavender, rose buds and petals, we have cornflowers, fragrant chamomile flowers, mandarin slices  and more. Combine dried flowers to make your own pot pourri, wreaths, decorations or natural wedding confetti - some may also be useful in card making.

Dried Flowers for pot pourri and craft

Dried flowers can be bought loose, and the larger the pack, the better the price.
Delicate items are posted carefully boxed to prevent damage
Looking for dried flower bunches? We now have a massive selection inside shop..

Dried flowers selection

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For more dried flowers, see also our dried rose, lavender and dried hops departments.

Chamomile flowers
Chamomile is a dried flower thought to have soothing properties and has a subtle apple fragrance. Chamomile flowers combine well with lavender for a relaxing mix.
dried flowers chamomileNEW LOW PRICE Dried chamomile flowers
50g hand packed in a glassine bag, enough for a few handfuls. Or buy larger pack sizes up to a kilo or more.

chamomile flower mixSoothing lavender & chamomile flowers. Mixed dried flowers.
50g hand packed in a glassine bag, enough for a few handfuls. Or buy larger pack sizes up to a kilo or more.

dried hydrangeaDried hydrangea florets. Lovely hydrangea petals still linked in 4’s to the stem. Great as a potpourri topper, natural wedding confetti, table confetti, or press flat for cards. A little goes a long way. These are premium quality dried flowers.
Colours include Duck egg, ivory, cerise, eau de nil green, natural green, natural blue, lavender, bordeaux green.

delphiniumDelphinium petals have similar uses.

Delphinium dried flower bunches dried in pink or blue.

Confetti petals from the sweety tree in India.  Biodegradable and very lightweight, they throw like large delphinium petals but far less expensive. Each petal is up to 2.5cm(1") across.

Heather grains.
These pretty pink flower buds (1-2mm) make unusual throwing confetti at weddings or mix with dried ferns, pine cones and fragrance for a heathland potpourri.

Pure dried cornflower petals. Intense natural royal blue.
Mix your own dried flower confetti or brighten up potpourri.

See inside shop for current prices.

orris root powder
Orris root powder for fixing the fragrance of hand made potpourri.  Finely ground powder. Add a teaspoonful when making potpourri to make  the fragrance last longer. Little or no natural fragrance in itself.

Skeleton leaf ivory, perfect for card making or wedding table decorations. This is a natural product so may vary, but approx size is 10cm  x10cm (max).

Pretty handmade sola rose decoration 5cm across in white. Could be used as a wedding table decoration, in craft (e.g. glued onto a wreath), or as a potpourri topper.
Seasonally available in pink.

Dried bay leaves.
Great for potpourri making and decorating wreaths.
Not for food use.

Cedar roses
, pretty cones from the cedar tree. Each cone is about 4 to 6 cm across. Thought to be a moth repellant but best combined with cedar essential oil for this purpose.

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Seasonal dried flowers - botanics, fruit & spices

Cloves are a highly fragrant spice, great for potpourri.
Not for food use.

dried chilliesDried chillies
Long red dried chillies, with stalk. Many craft applications. Not for culinary use.  Each is about 9 to 14cm long with a 2cm stem and 2-3cm across. Sold in 250g packs. Good glossy dark red.

Our mandarin slices have a gentle, marmalade fragrance and are great for kitchen decorations and topping pot pourri.
Not for food use.

Many more dried fruit, pine cones, physalis, whole oranges, nutmeg, star anise, cinnamon sticks, rose hips and spices - see our Christmas Craft dept.

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More dried flowers ...

Links to more dried flowers and related products...

For ROSE PETAL MIXES see our Natural wedding confetti department
For pot pourri making hints and tips visit www.potpourrishop.co.uk.
If you have any hints and tips, why not share them at www.lavenderbag.co.uk.
Loose dried rose petals A selection of colours and pack sizes.
Loose dried lavender Highly fragrant, a range of pack sizes available.
Dried lavender bunches - dried flower bouquets.
Loose rose buds Red or pink dried flowers available in a selection of weights.
Cornflower mix with lavender and rose petals.
Dried corn flower petals
A wide selection of ready made pot pourri.
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