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Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas craft ideas to try yourself. Ingredients available to buy online.

Christmas Craft Ideas - Quick and Simple

christmas craft orange slice garlandChristmas garlands
Try threading orange slices, whole oranges, bay leaves, chillies, dried rose hips, cinnamon stick bundles etc onto raffia. Items can be fragranced with a drop of fragrance oil, such as orange and/or cinnamon.

chilli garlandChilli garland.

dried orange garlandHome made orange slice garland,

christmas fruit wreathMake a wreath
See our Christmas wreath base page for some decorating ideas (bases made from cocohair, willow or dried grapevine) - try decorating it with foliage, cinnamon sticks and orange slices, star anise etc.

dried  orangeHanging Decorations
Why not thread about 5 orange slices onto a piece of string to make a hanging decoration. Can be enhanced with Orange Grove fragrance oil.

dried rose hipsHome made r
ose hip decoration made with rose hips, orange slices & raffia.

Enjoy your Christmas crafts as part of the build up to the big day!

orange slice decoration

Christmas craftChristmas potpourri
Make a chunky mix of mandarin orange slices and broken pieces of cinnamon stick mixed with Cinnamon fragrance oil and Orange Grove fragrance oil and any of our Christmas spices including nutmeg, cloves and star anise.

See Christmas potpourri recipe page for details.

Or cheat and buy it - made by us!
100g hand packed in a clear cellophane bag, enough for one smallish bowl
500g bulk pack supplied in a clear plastic bag

Variation 1: Try adding some scented wooden balls to the mix (see below).
Variation 2:
Put some Whole dried oranges in a plastic bag with a few drops of Orange Grove fragrance oil and shake together. Display in a large bowl for impact.

cinnamon stickChristmas cinnamon stick bundle.
Put 5 cinnamon sticks in a plastic bag and add a couple of drops of Cinnamon fragrance oil and shake together. These can be then tied together in a bundle with raffia to scent your room.
Or buy it from us ready made as available.

wooden ball recipeScented wooden balls.
Buy scented wooden balls in Cinnamon fragrance,or Orange used to add fragrance to your own potpourri.
Or display instead of potpourri for a modern look.

christmas decorationpillow box christmasTree decorations made from cardboard boxes from our wedding favour dept, covered in Christmas paper, and containing small gifts.

Avoid contact of the oils (and products they have been used on) with painted, plastic, synthetic or polished surfaces. They may mark textiles.
None of the ingredients listed here are intended for food use.


Links to more Christmas Craft Ingredients and Home Fragrance:

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Also available
Pine cones
Big ones, small ones, gold, natural, silver, copper & white!

Simple Christmas craft idea: add cinnamon fragrance oil to your pine cones (or buy them ready fragranced).

Faux berries

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