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Pot pourri from Claremont & May

Pot pourri is available to buy online at Daisy Gifts Ltd. We have a selection of pot pourri fragrances from Claremont & May, with matching refresher oils and more. Claremont and May are award-winning UK home fragrance manufacturers. Their pot pourri contains dried flowers and botanicals and delicate handmade items such as flowers and wicker shapes, which add an element of sophistication. It can be refreshed with the matching fragrance oils.

Pot pourri Offers

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Core pot pourri range:

Pack types:
pot pourri cellopackLoose pot pourri sold in a cellopack (see photo) -  a Claremont & May printed cellophane bag, filled size approx 18x14x5cm max, 2.99

or in a bulk 500g cellophane bag, 15.99

pot pourri orange grove boxedOr pot pourri gift boxes (see photo) - printed card box with a cellophane inner, measuring 18x13x6cm,  3.99.

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Fragrance range:

pot pourri lilacLilac and Lavender
is a classic floral fragrance of lavender entwined with a hint of lilac.

champagne rosesChampagne & Roses
A sensual, floral fragrance of pink roses, sweet night jasmine & violet.
Our most popular fragrance.

fresh linenFresh Linen
The clean and breezy, floral fragrance of laundry day.
The potpourri is in shades of ivory and cream, and includes handmade sola flowers.
Already a very popular fragrance.

NEW! Cut Flowers
A long lasting fragrance of a bouquet of cut flowers in a florists shop, with a green, leafy, dewy element. The dark jewel colours of the potpourri are enhanced with occasional handmade pieces such as tiny white sola rosebuds, large white sola carnations or little wicker rings.

NEW! Rose Otto
This potpourri has a velvety old fashioned rose character: sweet and natural smelling. The pink shades of the potpourri are enhanced with occasional handmade  pieces such as tiny white sola rosebuds.
Our new favourite.

Honey & Vanilla
A warm blend of sweet honey swirled with rich vanilla.

Orange Grove
is a zesty fragrance bursting with sunshine and a tangy orange peel aroma.

Honeysuckle and Jasmine
has an elegant white floral bouquet of exotic honeysuckle entwined with lily and jasmine blossom. This pot pourri is superior quality with  handmade wicker accent pieces.

A rich, warm fragrance with spicy tones of nutmeg, black pepper, clove and cumin and a hint of ginger.

Various Christmas pot pourri fragrances available seasonally - see inside shop.

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To buy our pot pourri, just click on the Enter Shop button to visit our online shop at
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“Thank you - my package arrived safely today smelling gorgeous :-) ”
S.R., Swansea

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Natural pot pourri

For natural pot pourri, try mixing Loose dried lavender and dried rose to make your own.
Make your own pot pourri using ingredients from our dried flowers dept.

See inside shop for our own range of natural pot pourri.

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